Special structures are those projects that are unusual in nature and demand a flexible out-of–the-box thought process. Often sophisticated state-of-the-art computer modeling techniques coupled with our deterministic approach are employed to evaluate the structural performance of these unusual projects under both seismic and wind loading, whether those projects comprise art installations, telecommunication towers or rack storage structures. The LFZ Group is proud to have been involved in the following representative sampling of special structure projects.


Sutro Tower
San Francisco, CA
Antennae Guy Vibration and Seismic Study
Ralph’s Grocery Company Automated Warehouse
Glendale, California
Seismic Design Criteria and Structural Design
KPRC/KHTV Communication Tower
Houston, Texas
2,000’ High Multi-Level Guyed Starmount Tower and Antennae
Wind Dynamic Evaluation
Walking Man Sculpture for Munich RE
Munich, Germany
Sixty (60) Foot High Freestanding Sculpture
Wind Dynamic Evaluation