Identified by the structural engineering community as a vulnerable class of building structure, non-ductile reinforced concrete buildings, typically constructed prior to 1978, have historically performed poorly when subjected to strong earthquake ground shaking. Recognizing their potential threat to public safety, several proactive California building jurisdictions have begun identifying such buildings as candidates for future seismic risk evaluation and seismic retrofit, if necessary. Since 1975, the LFZ Group has evaluated and, where appropriate, developed seismic upgrade programs for numerous non-ductile reinforced concrete buildings throughout the western United States including historical buildings, commercial buildings, residential/hospitality buildings and parking garages. It has always been our philosophy to find cost-effective solutions to meet our Client’s seismic risk management goals while recognizing that continued building occupancy is often a necessity.


Former Bullocks Wilshire Department Store
Los Angeles, California
Seismic Risk Assessment and Seismic Upgrade Design
OceanAire Tower, Santa Monica, California
Thirteen (13) Story
Seismic Risk Assessment, Post-Earthquake Damage Assessment & Repair
Design and Seismic Upgrade Design
Huntley Hotel, Santa Monica, California
Seventeen (17) Story High-Rise Hotel
Post-Earthquake Damage Assessment & Repair Design
and Seismic Upgrade Design
Farmers Insurance Group Home Office
Los Angeles, California
Seven (7) Story Office Tower, ~210,750 gsf
Seismic Risk Assessment
Westwood Marketplace
Westwood, California
Three (3) Story Retail Shopping Center & Parking Garage